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Sourcing and Logistics director

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“On the Quest to help foster and stronger mutually beneficial working relationship between Chinese people and African poeple we link up African farmers, producers, fishermen with Chinese families by ensuring healthy and organic Food crops, All kids if Farm produce, art, and minerals cross from Africa to China smoothly and swiftly.
Our company ensures that the safety and sovereignty of both sellers and buyers are held with utmost importance and care and guarantees continued benefits for the shirt and long-term of the relationship. “

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We offer comprehensive product sourcing services, connecting you with trusted suppliers in China. Benefit from our extensive network and expertise to find the best products that meet your requirements.

Agricultural Products
Easy-As Aussie Seafood Platter
Sea Foods
Kongo is the largest Diamond producer in Africa_ Back in the days, the diamonds were shipped to Antwerp, Belgium

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Our CEO’s strategy revolves around expanding market reach and capturing new opportunities in the Chinese agricultural trade sector.

By staying at the forefront of technological advancements, we enhance efficiency, provide superior user experiences, and enable seamless transactions for our traders and buyers.

Our CEO's customer-centric approach ensures that the needs and preferences of our traders and buyers remain at the heart of our operations."
Ssenkindu Samson Ian
CEO Youlan Trading

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Welcome to our platform dedicated to connecting agricultural product traders from around the world with Chinese buyers.



"Shipping from China to al over the world is the ultimate business bridge"

Ssenkindu Samson Ian, CEO of Youlan Trading Company

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Gain valuable market insights and stay updated with the latest trends and analysis in the agricultural import and export industry. Grow your business by meeting our partnering chinese suppliers with our guidance throughout the process